About chas


I am a keen photographer based in Perth, Scotland. My photography is simply a pastime I love. From the initial point of seeing the image to the capture, processing and printing stage, it all adds up to a great hobby.

I have had a photography interest since I was 16 years old, however it is only since 2013 that I have began to push towards learning a specific style in more detail.

Black & White will be my initial option when taking a photo, only allowing colour to come through if I feel it adds to the moment or scene.

The B&W work is fine art photography. Subtle tones, shades and also tend to be long exposure.

I have done multiple courses with Rohan Reilly and Noel Clegg covering Ireland, Venice, London, Lanzarote etc. All designed to further my work with fine art and long exposure photography.

I have also had in-depth training in Photoshop processing from the initial image processing to printing stage.

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